Monday, December 21, 2009

Cherokee Professional Whites Lab Coat.

Hello to all! I hope you are all about ready for Christmas! I finished my shopping today and am looking forward to seeing the grandchildren. Time is flying by and Michael is also home from the Navy for a two week visit before moving over to Jacksonville for more training. He is doing well and we are so proud.

One of the things that I needed this year was a new lab coat. I tend to go through several of them because I can't seem to keep the ink off of them. I recently bought a lab coat from Barry at and it arrived very quickly. I chose a Cherokee Professional Whites lab coat and I figured I would give his company a try. I was given a coupon in return for writing a review of the process. Barry is also interested in becoming a paid advertiser on my nurse practitioner blogs so make sure that you go over and visit his site from mine so he will agree to help support my site too.

The hubby asked me what I wanted for Christmas this year and I told him not anything too expensive. Since I received the National Student Loan Payback this year, I seem to be focused on getting the rest of that paid down so when I extend it for another year that I may be able to get it taken care of quickly. What a huge relief that there really is an end to the school debt tunnel. Of course, to all who have "supported my site" over the years as I've transitioned from a student NP to a practicing one, I thank you and hope that you will let me know to visit your site and return the favor.

Merry Christmas to all who stop by and I hope that your 2010 will be a great as you want it to be!!