Monday, May 26, 2014

Nurse Practitioner Burnout

Why do NPs burnout? Much the same reasons as Doctors. Constant pressure to produce and keep everyone happy including patients, their family members, our bosses, our co-workers, insurance companies, and our own families. At the same time, trying not to kill anyone.
 The good thing is that has resolved itself with a job change. I just spent a long weekend at the beach and never  opened my computer to work. For the first time in 6 years...
That's not saying that I haven't taken time off, just that I've always had to open my computer and work at some point during the event. 
You need to find ways to unstress your life or both components will fall apart. Read a book for pleasure. That doesn't include trade magazines! I'm talking about a good, juicy romance novel or some trash mags and just unwind. I also watch certain television shows and don't work while I'm enjoying it. Even if it's an hour or two a week, go for a walk or try to garden. 
These tips will prevent burnout for a little while. 

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Once Again FL Is Behind The Times

Unless there is a special session, once again Florida Nurse Practitioners have been left in the Dark Ages of medicine. I have been watching the House and the Senate closely during this year's sessions. I was so hoping that this would be the year prescription authority at least would be granted. After all, we are the LAST State left! 
Really! Do you actually think that we will start running willy nilly writing narcotics for every patient who asks for them? Am I that stupid and untrained that I can't figure out who truly needs pain medications? You don't think that I can tell when patients are trying to pull a fast one? I use appropriate screening tools including online that can tell me Statewide where and when a patient has received narcotics anywhere in the State. 
Does anyone care about the delay in care? I had to wait three months at a new practice site to write for sleeping pills for well established, upstanding patients because my collaborating MD was delayed in arriving and the temp collaborator didn't want to cover until the regular one was here. 
Until patients start writing their congress and senate and demand that we become recognized as top notch competent providers, nothing will change. 
Just like this year....

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Changes in Practice Locations

Apparently, after I left my previous employer to go to Shand's Primary Care West in Lake City, I have been "just booked up, sick, or out of the office." 
I understand that the previous practice does not want to tell my patients where I went in order to try and keep them from following me. But it's pretty sad when they lie to patients and not just tell them that I've moved on. Don't they realize that it makes people mad and make them want to leave? 
I have always thought no compete clauses were stupid anyway. Adults will follow a provider if they can because they have built a relationship and trust. I can't make them follow if they don't want to. 
I will be glad when the new doctor joins the group so the advertising goes out and it all can be clarified. 
Otherwise, I've been on the longest vacation of my life?

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cha Cha Cha Changes!

It's been a while since I've posted due to some changes in my career setting. I'm still a FNP but moved to an office closer to home with better hours. This was a sudden thing as the opportunity fell into my lap. 
This is the first chance I have had to blog in a bit that didn't feel like a complaint yet again. I had a wonderful weekend without my computer attached to my hip and wasn't quite sure what to so with myself. I'm sure the quiet timd will once again be few and far between but I'm catching up on some reading.
I plan to go through my links and clean those out and pop over to some of my old blogger haunts and say hello.
Hope to become more motivated to write! See you around after I catch up on some sleep!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Should You Shadow At A Location Before Working There?

Some NP new graduates are asking whether or not to shadow at a location before accepting or talking terms with an employer. I say yes because it can give you an invaluable look at a practice and it's style before you commit.
I would not do it for more than a few days and be very specific about what constitutes shadowing. In my view, it means that you follow the different providers in the practice on their busiest days and see how they interact with patients and staff members. Don't pass up a chance to eat lunch with the nurses as they will usually give you the real lowdown.
If the provider wants to use your services, make sure that there is a legitimate offer on the table.
I also recommend that you use your preceptorship hours as a way to do the same thing. That's what I did and figured out really fast which offices I did not want to work. I definitely don't recommend working in an office setting where a spouse is the office manager. I won't expound on that subject but understand that I will work for Wal-mart before that EVER happens again.
What say you? Any experiences?