Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas From The Nurse Practitioner's Place

Hello to all who read my blog and thanks for making this year a great one for me through your support over the last year. I want to also thank my great sponsors for making it a profitable year and hope that you will continue to benefit being on my blog site.

Thanks for all who left comments on my posts and they are very welcome regardless if you agree with me or not. I welcome the student nurses and student NPs who have stopped by ( I see you on my sitemeter). I just wish that I could visit your boards and see what is being said about my site. Email me a password or something will ya? It's killing me!

I have been blessed with a new grandson this year and the oldest one is growing like a weed and is just as cute as ever. It's hard to believe that I am a Noni at the ripe old age of 42. It's an entirely different love to give. You should try it! The hubby is doing better at taking his meds once he found out his cholesterol was 700 and his triglycerides are 4400. His AIC was 13.9. Yes.... He knows that he is a walking heart attack but is promising to take his doctor's and my advice and has already lost 50 lbs this year.

The Navy son is home for two weeks before going to Jacksonville for some more training. He gets dropped off somewhere for survival training soon. I hope all that time playing in the woods paid off when he was little. The youngest son is doing great in 6th grade this year. Not such a hassle being picked on now that he is growing a little taller. It's hard to resist going down there are giving those little devils the what for!

If you haven't heard, I got awesome news this year recently having been accepted by the HRSA National Student Loan Payback program and will receive 50,000 off of my student loans for working an additional two years at my current job which I love! How cool is that? I also have the opportunity to extend it another year for a additional 25,000 off I think. Don't let that slow you all down "supporting the site" and you have been doing so well. Remember to let me know when you have done it so that I can make sure to return the favor. If I see ads on sites, I always "support the sponsors" because I know how bad the loans can be. Thanks again!

There have been a few sad events this year. Emily found out that her Mom has breast cancer, Barbara lost her Mother, and my neighbor lost her husband to a stroke the other day after 42 years of marriage. One just never knows so make sure that you take some extra time to say I love you to all those you hold dear this year.

Off I go to make some more pies for tomorrow and feed my fish and do some farming on Facebook! When you get a minute, Change of Shift if up over at Emergiblog for your perusal. Enjoy!