Monday, October 29, 2007

Update from The Nurse Practitioner's Place

Hello to all! I've been busy googling nurse practitioner positions lately to see if I could find a job somewhere. I had two interviews and hadn't heard anything back until today. I'm supposed to go to one place with my credentials and we'll see what the offer is. In the meantime, I was offered a part time position with a specialty here in town and am supposed to work Mondays and Fridays and then IF I do okay, I will get more hours. I really liked what I saw today (lots of procedures) and the follow ups are easy. I hope I can talk him into a full time position. I would rather not drive 40 minutes to work one way if I can help it. Who knows, maybe I can talk them both into doing part time so I can figure out which one I like better. My main problem is that I need insurance. I'm the only provider for the family because my hubby is disabled.
It was nice feeling productive today. I've been out of work for a solid month and Christmas is coming fast!

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The proceeds may just help out your favorite online Nurse Practitioner! Keep your fingers crossed for whatever permanent job offer I may receive. Thanks!

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