Friday, July 29, 2005

Stupid medical student denigrating nurses

July 8, 2005 -- The Edmonton Journal published a fair piece by Jodie Sinnema on May 19 about the recent controversy surrounding the lyrics of a "Nurses' Song" performed by University of Alberta medical students at their annual "Medshow." It seems that nursing professors, the university provost, and even the medical school dean found something objectionable about the song's assertions that nurses were "whores" and "bitches" whose "incompetence" threatened to "make our patients die." But at least the medical students felt nurses were qualified to "fill up my coffeepot" and "give good head," and the refrain urged nurses to "show me those boobs." The song seems to reflect virulent misogyny, ignorance of nursing, and professional insecurity, a perfect storm of dysfunction that persists in many clinical settings, harming patients and contributing to nursing burnout and the global nursing shortage. For more click link:

This really burns me up! It seems like when we try to get ahead in the professionalism and collaboration race, we get put back by stupid stunts like this one! Most nurses don't want to compete with doctors because we have our own ways of dealing with our patients and their treatment modalities. Nurses are not "doctor wanabes" and doctors are DEFINITELY not nurses in any way, shape, or form. We have two different ways of taking care of patients with the same common goal. ARNPs are caught in the middle of the fray because we take care of diagnostic and treatment issues in collaboration with physicians and have the qualities of both professions. I think this blend is what gives patients the best quality of care from both worlds and is why some patients prefer NPs.
It's sad that nurses and doctors continue to have turf wars because patient care should be of the utmost importance rather than machismo and who's calling the shots.

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