Thursday, August 04, 2005

Nurse Practitioner semester finals

Hello all! I just finished my nurse practitioner semester finals and found out that I made an A in all three classes! Whew!! Now I can take a few weeks to recuperate. I found two classes that I can take for the Fall after begging and pleading with Social Work department. One is onine (Family Violence) and the other is in Gainesville for three weekends (Human Sexuality. That keeps my loans in place for the Fall and the online classes will be back on track for the Master's NP. Thank goodness, because I was getting a little fried about the program being in a constant state of flux.
Now I am going out of town for a few days to my husband's cousin's wedding. It will be nice to have grandma babysit for a few days and get away for some hubby time!
I will be doing some painting and pleasure reading which I have been neglecting. Can't wait!!!!

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