Friday, May 13, 2005

Patients that touch your heart

While talking to the current group of nursing students, one asked if I had a particular patient that stuck in my mind. I told her that I had many patients that have touched me in some way, but the first as a new nurse was a 70's year old female who had suffered an aphasic stroke. She couldn't speak at all and could only smile or nod. During the three days I took care of her, the tech and I would do her daily care and the assessment would commence. All the while, I would talk to her constantly even though she couldn't respond. On the third day, she was to be sent back to the nursing home. Right before transport arrived, I went over to her and leaned in and said that it was nice to meet her but I hoped not to see her again her in the hospital. Slowly, she raised her good hand and stroked my face and smiled. Tears ran down my face as I gave report to the transport personnel and I knew that they must have thought that I lost my mind.. I never did see her in the hospital again because she passed a few weeks later at the nursing home. I like to think that she felt that she was cared for while I had her..
Remember what we are here for!!!

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