Thursday, May 05, 2005

Quit bitching and get out of the way!

I have just signed up for the summer classes. (Advanced Patho, Legal and Ethical Issues, and another Theory class) There were a grand total of nine days off in between semesters and it's not nearly enough. I have been in school for the last two years completing my BSN and jumped right into the NP track.
"Why do you do this?" "Aren't you satisfied to be a RN?" "Don't you want to just spend time with your family without worrying about all that?" These are questions I get on a daily basis at work. I am surprised by the negativity I get from other nurses when I tell them that I am pursuing my NP, let alone when I went back for my BSN. Often we hear of nurses eating their young, but we often will try to sabatoge others when they try to educate themselves as well. The usual comments include "Who does she think she is?, "I've been a nurse longer than she has." This is sad because we should be lifting each other up and giving encouragement whenever possible. No one is going to look out for us, but ourselves. I'm truly sorry that nurses have felt stuck in a rut and are so burned out that they work only for the money. After offering to help, one can only go on and leave them bitching behind in the mud.

I was thinking of reasons why "I do this to myself" to keep me motivated. So here's my list, so far..
1. I am a human knowledge sponge. I like to learn new things, especially medical...
2. I want to make a difference in my patient's outcomes. I believe that only by educating myself and keeping up with standards of practice can I do this.
3. I am working toward a higher level of income so that I can give my family things they need and some they just want for a change.
4. To prove to those that have told me my whole life that I would never amount to anything, that I did! (You can all bite my ass!!) Sorry for the diatribe..
5. Because I can.. Some people don't have the opportunity to further their educations, especially in other countries of the world.

My advice to other nurses who are thinking of furthering their educations is this.. If you truly want to, do it!!! Make a list of reasons for yourself and do some research and you will find a way. And for those that don't, quit bitching and get out of the way!!!

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