Friday, November 16, 2012

CT Scan During First Trimester Of Pregnancy

I just found out that my daughter is 4 weeks pregnant and had a CT scan of her spine (upper and lower) about a week or so ago. Supposedly, she tested negative for pregnancy at the hospital. A few days later she took a home test and it was positive. I told her to come to my office and that I would do another urine test to confirm and it was positive.

She is spotting a little over the last few days and went to the hospital again to make sure that she was till pregnant and they told her that she is approximately 4 weeks and is postive. Now it's a waiting game. I am afraid of the damage that this child may have from the radiation it received at such an early state in the process.

I am feeling a little guilty about this, but I hope that nature takes it course and her body rids itself of the baby if it's severely damaged. She's a great person, but easily frustrated with her oldest who will be five in April. I don't think she's a bad Mom, but I don't think she can handle the resonsibility of a baby who is disabled. We would love the baby no matter what of course and she wouldn't want to have an abortion. (which is a whole other touchy subject!)

I am hoping that others have had this situation with a good outcome. Anyone have any stories good or bad? Let me know...


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  2. Sorry to hear about this situation, because if the pregnancy does hold out it will be a nerve-wracking 9 months.
    Here's to a similar outcome for you: My sister was short of breath during pregnancy and they suspected a clot in the lungs, but they were scared to do testing because of the radiation and the baby.
    She eventually had a chest x-ray done. It doesn't come close to the radiation in a CT scan, but her baby is now a healthy, happy 1 year old.
    Good luck!