Sunday, May 15, 2011

Frustrations Of A Nurse Practitioner Student

I received an email from a frustrated NP student and thought it would make a good post.
"I am ending my first year of NP school. I'm tired and frustrated. The faculty at my school is so focused on preventing cheating, they make it difficult for those of us who do not without reward. And, the cheaters are of course getting better grades. We have to have a B in all classes, I have had a 4.0 until I started the NP program but knew I would probably not keep it.
Is this a common problem. I'm so frustrated right now, I am considering giving up my dream. The research class this semester was all podcast with no contact and I'm riding the line between the B and C. In my clinical and didactic I have an A. I simply have had enough of the "I'm the research professor and I have a PhD " attitude.
Does this get better? Is this normal?

Hi there! It doesn't seem to get better while you are in the middle of the process, but it does. As long as you make the grade to continue through the program, that's all that counts. I remember beating myself up in nursing school about not getting a higher grade, but then realized that I wasn't in competition with others. I was in competition with myself. I had to give myself room to not do as well in some areas because I did really well in others. It happens in real life practice as well. I understand my areas of weakness and I know my strengths. That's the art of medicine and nursing and one needs to understand their problem areas and when to ask for a second opinion. That goes for doctors as well. There are many times that my collaborating MD will ask my opinion about a patient or disease process.

Regarding the cheating factor? Yes it happens in every area. All it does is make that person a weaker provider. The temptation is great when one is under heavy stressors of family, friends and work while attempting to achieve your dreams. Professors often have the "Everyone will try to cheat" just like we all have the "Everyone is a seeker until proven otherwise". It's not good but it's true. Once you have been burned over and over, you tend to judge. It's human nature.

Podcast classes and online classes are difficult if you are a visual learner. I am a mixed learner. I have to have hands on training to make things stick. It didn't change when I moved up from RN to MSN. I HATED statistics and struggled really hard with it and if I don't start soon on my DNP, I will have to repeat that class. Math has always been my mind block. Disease process has always been my strength. Struggle through and get to the good stuff.

It will all be over soon!


  1. Well said. Whatever struggles we have while studying med school or nursing school, "it will be over soon," eh. Just pursue and find your reason and motivation why you want to be an NP. And with regards to cheating issue, I guess almost all students cheats, however, these cheaters will be the one who will find it hard to deal with the nursing career eventually. Learning is not about memorizing things or having good grades, it all about the heart to care and the heart to learn to be a nurse. :)

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  3. I don't usually let my blog become copied to another site but you can chose which story or info you would like to work with and then let me know where you are planning on using it. Also it's better if you leave a name and website addy instead of anonymous.

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    I'm not sure what you are referring to by cheating. Do you mean fudging hours not actually served? I never cheated and I'm sure our host never did also. Cheating "cheats" the patient as well as yourself. Working as a Nurse Practitioner has many rewards personal and professional. I work with a Medical group but they were taken aback when I told them I had no interest in being an employee. I'd be happy to contract with them and will be loyal to the practice but no interest in being an employee. We worked out a contract and my wife who is also an NP got together and formed a corporation. As it works out instead of paying about 55% in income taxes as an employee we let the corporation pay for everything and only pay 5% to 15% in income taxes. Plus I set my own hours and number of patients I see on a daily basis. My advice is to keep plugging away at school, smile nod and get through it it will be worth it.

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