Saturday, December 20, 2008

NPs and MDs Should Just Collaborate And Get Along!

My response to Medically Mind Numbing was as follows to this
I have 7 years of college training with a lot of clinical experience and I work as a Family Nurse Practitioner. I diagnose and treat patients in a primary care setting in a rural area. I have a collaborating physician that I consult with and who also consults with me regarding various medical conditions. We work as a team to help our patients. Doctors often consult with each other on various cases. It's not different. I don't see myself as a "mid-level" provider, maybe a "three-quarter" one? I have caught things that other providers (NPs, PAs and MDs) have missed by taking the time to listen to my patients. I also get tired of hearing that if I wanted to diagnose and treat then I should have gone to medical school or that I couldn't cut it. I just couldn't afford it and I'm too old to start back over and go back for 8 more years. If there was a true bridge program locally, I'd consider, maybe. My patients are happy with my care without having a MD tag. I hope more doctors get a chance to work along side of NPs and PAs out here and realize the amount of valid and professional health care we provide.