Saturday, December 13, 2008

"The Mom Song" On The Nurse Practitioner's Place

I am also having a larger influx of pediatric patients and some are too cute for words! The youngest has been 6 days old and the oldest are 18. It still amazes me how traumatized some seem when they first come in thinking that I will hurt them in some way. Always the first question, "Am I getting a shot?" I never lie because my Mom did EVERY time! I never trusted a medical person when I was young because of it. I also get really mad when parents threaten their children "This NP will give you a shot if you don't behave!" I usually just smile and say "NO, but I'll give you one for doing that!" They figure it out pretty quick.

I usually don't put things up on the site that aren't related to health care too often but this really hit the mark! I'm babysitting my grandson who's 8 months old for the very first time and am having a blast! Please listen to the video in it's entirety. It's hilarious!