Saturday, February 23, 2008

Change of Shift Over at Crzegrl's Place

I'm so terrible! I forgot to put a link up to Change of Shift at Crzegrl's blog especially since she raved about my post. I was very pleased and surprised to praised by Emily regarding the post. Shucks, I might even get a big head!

Emily is such a huge role model for those of us NPs. She gets to do the really cool stuff liking flying in those rockin' choppers! I only wish I was so daring. She's also been doing some video blogging and I'm really enjoying those on You-tube as well. Wish I had such camera presence!

If you don't already know about the Change of Shift brought to us originally by Kim at Emergiblog, please go over to each blog and check them out..

Off I go to check out the other great entries to the edition myself...

Till later, be healthy, happy and safe!

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