Friday, January 04, 2008

Nurse Practitioner's First Week At The New Branch

Hello everyone! The doors opened on Wednesday and the newspaper ad came out on Thursday for the new branch location. We had a few new patients come in today and a few the other day transfer in from one of the other branches. Not too bad for a soft opening.
I hope the newspaper ads ramp up in the neighboring bigger towns and things really get moving.

I hate to be too quiet. I set up my office and called all the drug reps that I had business cards for. We need to get a cabinet set up for samples and away we go! I am really excited about this new adventure.

I'm also looking forward to applying to the Nursing Loan Forgiveness Program in Feb. You can get up to 4,000 dollars off your student loans for up to four years. Not to shabby! I'm working on finding out other programs to help reduce my 83,000 school debt.
I know!!! Isn't it horrible!

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