Friday, October 12, 2007

Sample Business Plan for Nurse Practitioner Independent Practice

Hello again. Does anyone have an example of a business plan for an independent nurse practitioner office that I can use to make one for myself? I also need an example of a collaborative agreement regarding that as well if it is different than the normal one.

Any advice from other independent practitioners would be great!


  1. Margaret12:20 AM

    Im a Texas NP looking for the same thing. Are you wanting a sample business plan to start up an independent clinic practice?

  2. Anonymous10:06 PM

    Hi,You can see an example of a generic NP business template if you google those words and also the government of South australia.
    Another way is to go to and search for the template,Regards,Helen Gray
    (student NP)

  3. Margaret, Sorry it took me so long to reply. I was interested in an independent practice in Florida some time in the future.

  4. Thanks for the information Anonymous. I will look it up!

  5. Anonymous9:27 AM

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