Thursday, October 11, 2007

NP Looking For A Job

Well, the job I was working at in Family practice didn't pan out as planned. It was decided to part ways as friends mutually (more on the doc's part than mine). At first, I was very upset and it shook my confidence a little, but now realize that he probably did me a favor. I will remain professional and not blast the practice on the internet due to the possibility that he may find out and I would be in trouble. Suffice it to say that the environment was not conducive to a new graduate learning experience.

What I'm doing now is turning in applications all over town which are turning up nothing at the moment. I have also completed a travel company application and awaiting word from them for a possible assignment in Florida from Vero Beach north to the state line.

Any openings in Gainesville or Lake City area that anyone knows of would be greatly appreciated. I would prefer not to have to travel but one has to pay the bills since the student loans are coming due quickly.

What a surprise that a NP could be in an area where no one wants to hire or pay well.

I will keep you all posted regarding the job hunting. Who knows? Maybe I will be posting from a town near you somewhere else in FL.

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