Monday, September 17, 2007

Nurse Practitioner Rounding In Nursing Homes

Hello to all! I have been pretty busy at the office and I rounded in the nursing homes this week. I saw 59 patients between the office and two nursing homes. WHEW!

I decided to start a new blog called NP Notes and put some of my nurse practitioner notes from school there. It's a way to get some of the stuff off of my personal computer and hopefully help fellow students!

Let me know what you all think. I'd love some suggestions for content. While your at it, some suggestions for content here are always welcome too!


  1. Anonymous9:23 AM

    Are you rounding on behalf of your practice or are you employed by nursing homes? I have a hospital interested in hiring NPs to round on their patients to prevent readmissions and inappropriate admissions.

  2. Anonymous, I was working for an office who's doctor also had several patients in nursing homes. One of my responsibilities was rounding on them. I have since moved to a community rural health office and no longer have to do that. What area are you looking for help in? I can maybe get the word out for you.