Friday, April 20, 2007

NP Student Finally Able To Relax (Just a Little!)

Hello to all. I am finally finished with all of my clinicals and my thesis is complete and defended. I'm home free now and all I have to do is study for the national certification. The next plan of action is to send off the applications needed for the Board of Nursing. As I was looking through the pages and pages of the application, something struck my eye! Nurse anesthetists and nurse midwives get a year to pass their national boards but the rest of us have to pass the boards immediately before we can work. I want to know how this rule got passed through with that type of wording? There are many more Family and Adult NPs who are trying get jobs than those categories? Based on how fast I can get this paperwork expedited, my job may be at stake. The doctor I signed the contract with expects me to start on June 4th. I hope to God that it happens. If not, I may be looking for another job!

Next post will include some of the interesting Google searches people have done that reach my site. Great idea from Kim at Emergiblog.

Oh well! At least I can get some much needed catching up to do with all of the great blogs that I want to read. See you in your comment sections!

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