Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Nurse Practitioner Student Survived Her Thesis Defense!

I survived my thesis defense the other day. Wow, what an experience that was! I just sent in my final (hopefully) revision and I think that they will sign off on it. I was unable to prove my theory based on the retrospective chart review, but if I duplicate the study with patient's charts that didn't develop C. difficile while on proton pump inhibitors, I think I could. That's for the doctorate at a much later date.

All I want to do now is secure a contract with a doctor so I can start paying some bills. Thanks so much to anyone who has bought something from my Amazon nursing store! You all rock! It's over there on the sidebar for those who haven't noticed it yet.

I will be finishing my clinical hours in the next few weeks so I will be incredibly busy and may not be posting too much until after I take the Family Nurse Practitioner National Certification test. Much studying to be done before that. I really think that it sucks that we don't have a graduate nurse work period. We can't work in the state of Florida until we are certified. I already lost a great job offer because of this aggravation. I have another contract pending with the original doctor that I wanted to work for. Just waiting on the numbers!

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