Sunday, September 03, 2006

Ode to A Yeast Infection

There's a yeast in my beast and it just won't go away!
I was on antibiotic therapy for what seemed forever and a day.

I feel rather like a pup who scoots along the floor.
I've itched and burned until I can't take it one minute more!

My poor hubby is feeling very neglected, I must say.
"Good Lord! It's been forever since you've come out to play!"

Creams and pills haven't yet done the trick.
I've moaned and groaned until everyone around me is quite sick!

My GYN says sometimes these yeasties can be quite resistant.
But I say, "What I need is some quick assistance!"

So Ladies if you take any advice from me. This one thing's for sure!
Avoid antibiotic therapy unless you're on Death's dark and dreary door!


  1. Carol1:11 PM

    Acidophiles in the liquid form (you get this from the health food store in the refrigerated dept). Don't bother with the pills, etc. Go for the real deal and use it liberally. (you drink it).

    All those yogurts with the stuff in it are not even close to what you need because they often have sugars in them which make the Yeastie Beasties worse.

    If you must do yogurt go for the Greek stuff with no flavors or sweeteners.

  2. Anonymous6:56 AM

    :)))) I really enjoyed reading your ode; It's really funny, though - I don't know if that was your initial intention. However, I own - maybe you'll find your solution there..

  3. Flavius, Yes I did mean for the poem to be funny though the yeast infection was far from funny at the time!