Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Great Day in Clinicals

I had a great day at clinicals yesterday! I got to do an incision and drainage of abscesses on two patients arms. I enjoy doing those types of things. Those were the interesting situations.

Most of the rest of the patients were things like back pain, sore throats, upper respiratory complaints etc. We are supposed to be up to seeing 7-8 patients but I have been seeing up to 19 in a 9 hour period in the Fasttrack. At that rate, the office pace will be much slower.

On another note! I turned 39 today... My sisters both sent me the exact same birthday card this year. They do that sometimes. I guess great minds think alike. My mom's having another surgery to remove the 90% blockage in her carotid artery. The other one was done about 5 years ago before her quad bypass. Now she'll have a complete set of new pipes! Keep her in your prayers for me..

That means that I also must pay closer attention to my own health. It's time for a cholesterol check..

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