Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Your Favorite Nurse Practitioner Student is Back!

Hello all!! I survived my trip to the North Carolina mountains. The drive through Georgia is very long and filled with construction.. People were driving bumper to bumper for no reason. Rubbernecking galore and no accidents or strange sights to cause it..
The mountains are gorgeous!! The trees are still pretty bare but the views are to die for!! My visit with my friend was great.. We caught up like we'd never been apart. As I said before, she was a highschool teacher of mine. She was pretty surprised that I actually showed up because I had been promising for almost 20 years to go up and see her.
We stayed at a cabin on Wolf Mountain. It was reasonable (79 dollars a day) which is what most of the hotels in the area were charging and some were higher. I will NEVER stay in a hotel in North GA, Carolina or Tennessee because the cabin rental business is booming.. The place was completely furnished and all we had to bring was food.
When we first arrived, it started to snow lightly and the kids were thrilled. My youngest had never seen snow before and when they woke up, there was about a 1/4 inch on the deck. I normally hate cold weather but it was so pretty that I enjoyed it. It doesn't snow much in the area except for the higher elevations. Pictures to come!!

I looked up North Carolina nurse practice acts when I got home and we still need a collaboration agreement but we can write narcotic prescriptions unlike here in Florida. After I finish school, I am seriously thinking about moving to the area. I grabbed all the realty books I could find and was pleasantly surprised to find that some of the places are comparable to where I live and MUCH prettier.. I'll have to wait until my 10th grader is finished with highschool first and the youngest is young enough not to care... Until then...sigh....

I'm glad to be back home to the internet though!! I've got some homework and blogstalking to do in the next few days!!

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