Tuesday, February 14, 2006

What a Great Valentine's Day!

Hello to all.. Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day! I received two beautiful sets of gold earrings (hummingbird and long gold fancy ones) with a dozen roses and a box of chocolates! Can't do much better than that!! But on a sour note, I did a real doozy to myself...
I bought some Nair hair remover and tried to get all smooth and sexy for my honey. Shouldn't be a problem, right??? WRONG!!!!!!!!
I had an allergic reaction to the stuff and now I have a horrible rash all over my legs up to my nether region! No... I didn't go there, thank goodness.. Guess I won't be giving my sexy nighty a test drive tonight!! Oh well... at least I tried.. It's the thought that counts... Thank goodness my husband has a sense of humor and compassion for the 1000 degree sunburn type of pain I'm eagerly awaiting to end...
Now, I've got to find the most comfortable uniform I can find for tomorrow...
Such is life!!!!!
P.S. Had a great set of clinicals with the Nurse Practitioner this week! Much more hands on this time. Was well worth the wait.... Gotta run for now!!

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