Saturday, February 18, 2006

Kentucky Nurse Practitioners Fight For Their Rights To Prescribe Controlled Substances

A bill moving through the legislature is causing some controversy between healthcare providers and law enforcement officials.
The bill would allow nurse practitioners to prescribe some controlled substances. While some think patient care would improve, others say it will only increase the drug problem.
Currently, nurse practitioners can only write prescriptions for routine illnesses. The proposed bill would add schedules II-IV controlled substances. There would be restrictions on the prescriptions, including time and refill limits.
Some law enforcement officials think the bill would hurt more than help.
A statement released by Operation UNITE said, "It is difficult enough to enforce existing drug laws without increasing the number of individuals who have authority to prescribe controlled substances... Kentucky does not need another portal for controlled substances... coupled with our current drug problem... Allowing nurse practitioners to prescribe controlled substances would only add to the potential for abuse."
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Kentucky nurse practitioners are fighting for their rights to prescribe controlled substances for their patients. I find it amusing that an argument against entails the idea that patients will abuse narcotics more if nurse practitioners gain the right to prescribe.
Ever heard of doctor shopping??? Patients will do whatever it takes to maintain a drug abuse habit. It makes no difference whether a nurse pracititioner has the authority to prescribe. We are completely aware of the risk when prescribing medications. We understand that there is a potential for abuse of any medication prescribed. That's the reason we need prescription databases so we can track abusers of the system. Even with the ability to prescribe narcotics, some nurse practitioners may choose not to do so due to their own comfort levels regarding narcotics. Give us some credit please!!!!

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