Monday, January 23, 2006

The Wait is over for the Nurse practitioner student's MRI results!

Hello all! I got the results from my MRI on my knee and it's a surgery for sure now. I have to wait for Workman's Comp to okay it. Looks like a meniscus replacement due to a nasty buckle and twist tear to the inside (medial) part of my knee. Sounds nasty, I know!! It really hurts like... well, you can say a few choice words for me here...
This REALLY sucks because it is going to put me behind in my clinicals this semester but I'll hobble on with the best of them! The good thing is that I have the same orthopedic surgeon who did the same left meniscus tear last year just about this time doing the surgery for me again. He even said that he'll use the same entry scars.. WHOOO HOOO! (Like I'm really worried about scarring!) Going under anesthesia is what scares the crap out of me..
Of course, the living will is filled out prior to going in and all the phone calls will be made prior. I know it's a minor surgery (same day) but one can never tell about these things.. You know how we nurses are... we know enough to make us dangerous.. I'll keep everyone updated of course for those who are regulars...
P.S. Check out my links page template and tell me if you think it's too dark.. I'm ready for a change and am getting a little bored with the template here also.. Any suggestions???

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