Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Nurse Practitioner Salary Survey for 2005

By Jolynn Tumolo and Jill Rollet

Today's nurse practitioners are more educated and perform more procedures than at any time in their 40-year history. They work more independently, in more specialties and in more settings. And as they demonstrate more vividly their value and cost effectiveness, they're being paid closer to what they're worth — or they're paying themselves.

The 2005 National Salary Survey of Nurse Practitioners shows that the average annual full-time salary for a nurse practitioner has reached $74,812. That's an 8.1% increase over the average just 2 years ago (Table 1), when the last survey was conducted. The average part-time wage rose more dramatically, by 8.6%, to $36.80 an hour (Table 2).

The 2005 National Salary Survey of Nurse Practitioners calculated exclusive data from 5,905 surveys completed between July and October 2005. The analysis of this data, presented in word and visual forms in this article, will help nurse practitioners assess their market value in the varying circumstances they work in today. Click on the title for the rest of the story.....

Regardless of your opinion of Nurse Practitioners, we are moving up in the world of medicine. We are highly educated and are continuing to strive to provide excellent patient care through collaboration with doctors when the need arises. In some states, nurse practitioners can be independent owner and operators of their own businesses. How far can we go? Only time and evidence-based practice will tell!!!

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