Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Why I don't want to be a MD

I don't mind people who disagree with me but I hate when they don't leave where they came from.
I'm not usually easily offended since I understand that there has always been conflict between nurses and doctors since time memorial. Paramedics have fought for years for the rights to practice their skills in the field. They were told to go to medical school if they wanted to practice medicine and "be doctors". Through years of experience, look at how many lives they have saved in the field. Nurses have fought for the rights to take care of their patients for years as well. Years ago, we weren't even allowed to take a temperature with a thermometer for goodness sake.
NPs are fighting for the rights to practice in their full capacities as well.What about the MD vs DO competition? DOs weren't considered "real doctors" either.
I just didn't appreciate the deliberate "quack" reference. I can laugh at a good joke regardless of who's supposed to be the butt of it, but it's more personal to those who are trying to reach the pinnacle of the profession.
For those who ask "if you want to act like a doctor, why don't you go to medical school?", I don't feel like doing four years of Chemistry plus Physics or Calculus. I've already done 5 years of classes with extensive A&P, pharm, etc. Why would I go back to school for another 8 years just to take the same classes again along with a class in bedside manners when I already know how to take care of my patients? I'm happy with the opportunity to diagnose, treat, and educate my patients as a NP until I finish my Doctorate of Nursing Practice. I will then be at the pinnacle of the nursing profession and proud to have gotten that far. I understand my limitations and will consult a doctor when I need to.
I am lucky enough to work with progressive doctors who aren't threatened by me and are eagerly awaiting my graduation...Until then, stayed tuned for the next installment of The Nurse Practitioner's Place!

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