Wednesday, December 28, 2005

CDC guidelines aimed at resistant bacteria

U.S. health officials are preparing new hospital infection control guidelines to slow the growing spread of bacteria that has become resistant to antibiotics.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will release the new hospital rules within three months, Michelle Pearson, chief of the National Center for Infectious Disease's prevention and evaluation branch, said in an interview at an infectious disease meeting this month in Washington, D.C. The new rules will intensify sterilization requirements for health workers, increase testing of patients who may harbor dangerous germs, and may call for hospitals to create special quarantine wards.

This is a subject that I have been following for the last few years. These infections are becoming more and more resistant to antibiotic therapies and patients must understand the reasoning behind the decrease in arbitrary antibiotic prescription. Stop asking for antibiotics when you have a cold and stop getting the kids something just because they have an ear infection. Very closely monitoring instead of slapping on broad spectrum antibiotics will reduce the amount of resistance. Quit taking other people's medications and make sure that you FINISH THE ENTIRE DOSE....
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