Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Oh, I Get It..

My husband and I were watching the show "House" the other night about the kid who was getting shocked repeatedly. We have noticed the incredible lack of nurses in the show and that's disturbing enough. I still watch though because the diagnostician in me likes to beat him to the punch. Sometimes they stump me, but it's fun to play the game.
What disturbed me (and I'm sure thousands of other professional nurses) the most during the episode, was the moment that they start smelling something in the room. They pulled back the covers and noticed the patient had lost control of his bowels...What do they say???????

We need a nurse in here.

Why?? Can't they clean up the patient themselves? Are they too good to get their hands dirty? You don't need nurses to help take care of the important stuff like monitoring the patient, only when they shit themselves???? How freaking arrogant once again!!!

Besides, the writers need to figure out medical stuff.. Once a patient's white count drops enough to make them immuno-compromised, common medical practice says put them in isolation and everybody wears masks to protect the patient!!!

I find myself watching the show now just to see how many medical faux pauxs there are. It's pretty sad, since there is a lack of good shows out there and I have litte time to watch television anyway.... I can't wait for Scrubs to come back on.. At least I can laugh at that....

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