Sunday, July 24, 2005

Your favorite Nurse Practitioner student got a present!

I got a present from my husband yesterday! He got me a Toshiba laptop. As a nurse practitioner student, I've been wanting a laptop forever. Now my kids can use the internet without having to bug me about it. I have to play with it to figure out all the bells and whistles. My husband gets upset when I am on the computer upstairs for hours doing homework and occasionally I'll hear "I feel like a widower!" wafting up the stairway.
Now I can work on my homework from the livingroom or outside on the porch. WHOOO HOOOO!! Outside!!
I bought a wireless G router and it booster my internet from 10 mbps up to 100 mbps. How cool is that! I wish I would have known about that little detail. I would have bought the stupid thing even without the laptop.
I'm still trying to figure out the details for the Fall semester. I'm seriously thinking about taking the semester off. It's hard to get behind, but what can I do if there is nothing offered this Fall? I was going to go over once a week and take some classes on Thursdays but they changed the time to 8:00 am. I just can't get there that early and get my youngest to school.. I keep getting these roadblocks put up.. Maybe for a reason?? Hmmmmm???
I miss pleasure reading and painting my ceramics. Maybe I'll put up a few pics of my work on the site.
Gotta run for now and do more homework. I'm going outside!!!! Yippeeeeee!!!

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