Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Johnson and Johnson Must Be Really Anti-NP

Well, I got to work today and received a notice from our Patient Assistance Program rep who informed me that effective immediately today that only a MD may sign the scripts and paperwork for their program.

Wow... So all of the independent Nurse Practitioners who don't require any collaborative agreement with any physician can no longer get their patients meds through the program. Talk about being anti-NP! Such a delay in care for our patients. This will even possibly make patients have to schedule an additional visit with a doctor in order for them to complete this requirement.

When are the big pharma companies going to realize that we are here to stay? This is such a step backwards. I also get steamed when I see all  the medication commercials who say "Ask your doctor!" instead of ask your health care provider. Some are getting the hints and changing their wording ever so slowly.

What say you?

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