Saturday, May 03, 2014

Once Again FL Is Behind The Times

Unless there is a special session, once again Florida Nurse Practitioners have been left in the Dark Ages of medicine. I have been watching the House and the Senate closely during this year's sessions. I was so hoping that this would be the year prescription authority at least would be granted. After all, we are the LAST State left! 
Really! Do you actually think that we will start running willy nilly writing narcotics for every patient who asks for them? Am I that stupid and untrained that I can't figure out who truly needs pain medications? You don't think that I can tell when patients are trying to pull a fast one? I use appropriate screening tools including online that can tell me Statewide where and when a patient has received narcotics anywhere in the State. 
Does anyone care about the delay in care? I had to wait three months at a new practice site to write for sleeping pills for well established, upstanding patients because my collaborating MD was delayed in arriving and the temp collaborator didn't want to cover until the regular one was here. 
Until patients start writing their congress and senate and demand that we become recognized as top notch competent providers, nothing will change. 
Just like this year....

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