Monday, March 04, 2013

Speaking about Cold and Flu Differences On The Radio

Hello to all who are reading my Nurse Practitioner blog! I had a busy week at the office and helping my husband on The Retro Club Show on 96.5 The Jet Saturdays from 1-3. To listen, go to the Retro Replay tab and click on the links. I've been enjoying myself and hope to get some feedback on the website from listeners. I am trying to be totally conversational like I am in the office.

What is your style in the office? Most NPs are interested in the entire patient. This makes me run behind in the office. I guess as long as I'm worth the wait, I will continue to do it. I tell my patients to tap their watch at the beginning of the visit to signal if they are in a particular hurry so I will know.

Medicaid is opening up for the next three years, according to Governor Rick Scott. What does this mean? I'm not really sure, but I hope that it makes it easier to qualify for older patients who aren't old enough for Medicare and can't afford insurance. We will see! I do know that it will make for several more patients in the office that I work in and we need help! Can't seem to find a doctor who wants to work in a small rural town.

Till then, I will keep on working as hard as I can to take care of them all. Cheers!

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