Monday, October 01, 2012

A Place For Nurses


The charge of the nurse is to keep patients comfortable, healthy and safe and many will tell you that it is an exciting albeit exhausting occupation to get into. Nurses are the right hands of the doctors who save and change lives every day with medical expertise but they also impart their own medical knowledge and supplement the instructions that doctors give to patients. To be a nurse not only requires a level of technical acumen and accreditation but your personality has to be conducive to healing, teaching, explaining and care. Long after your doctor moves onto the next patient, your nurse is the one who will attend to your care and administer the medicines you need to get better. Where would we be without nurses?

Nursing was traditionally a female field but over the years it has embraced and welcomed successful male nursing practitioners to the fold, essentially making it a unisex field. Has this impacted the industry at all? Yes - there are now more nurses to go around! While good doctors are always in high demand, qualified and enthusiastic nurses are globally sought after to lend their expertise. If you were to do an online search for careers in nursing you would see that the job market is never saturated. Nurses aren't limited to working with doctors in hospitals or at their private practices. The role of the nurse is a flexible one and nurses adapt to whatever situation needs them. There are several places that constantly need nurses and we've shared a few of them with you below:

1. Rehabilitation centers:
Nurses are needed in drug treatment centers and alcohol rehabilitation clinics constantly because of the level of attention that is required to deal with patients. Those who are substance abusers in treatment facilities often have an askew perception of reality, may be hypersexual, violent and even suicidal and can pose serious harm to themselves, doctors and fellow addicts. Nurses do more than just administer healing drugs to these patients but they also monitor progress in real time while keeping the peace. Sometimes a nurse has to take the role of a bouncer to keep patients physically in line during treatment. They are often in harm's way themselves but they still put patient safety first.

1. Radiology centers:
Some nurses are required to provide more than just care and compassion and in fact they need to have specialized training and education to work with life saving technologies. One such niche technical nursing field is that of radiology. Radiology nurses work well with people (especially children) and can help them remain calm while being scanned by large and often scary sounding/looking machines. People who require diagnostic testing such as MRIs and ultrasounds rely on the nurses often to explain the process and to do the actual testing. Sometimes doctors only act in a knowledgeable but supervisory capacity, while the nurses do the leg work.

No matter where your strengths lie technically, there is a nursing program that fits your skills and interest. We've provided two examples but there are literally hundreds of other categories of nursing that you can contribute to.

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