Sunday, September 23, 2012

NPs Saves Lives Worst Habit EVER!

I am one of the worse procrastinators EVER. In school, I always waited until a deadline to finish a project because I worked better under pressure. It has also followed me into professional practice. I wait until the pile is almost totally overwhelming before I finally tackle it. This ends up in even more stress than if I had just sat down and "did the deed" in the first place.

I asked myself why I do this and there are two main reasons:

1. I would rather talk to my patients and educate them about their disease processes. They, in turn, enjoy coming to see me since they feel that they are more than a number. While this is a great thing, it's causing me to see more and more patients which is backfiring on me. (Causing me MORE paperwork).

2. I HATE PAPERWORK! It's the boon of my existence. In fact, blogging right now is keeping me from doing some paperwork right now. I swear that I think that it multiplies every time I leave my desk. Don't get me wrong. My nurses are the bomb and keep this process moving right along but I know that they are tired too.

How to fix this problem? I stay at work after hours where it is quiet and no Facebook capability per company policy for about an hour each day. I STILL find myself having to work on the weekends finishing the details. My co-worker seems to be able to get her notes done, but we practice differently. She doesn't talk to her patients as much. I have figured out that my chattiness is never going away so I have to resolve to thee ever growing piles.

What do you do to help speed up your processes? Chime in!

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  1. I hate paperwork, also. I have learned to clear my paperwork in batches. I try to get the simple stuff that I can fill out the fastest out of the way during the course of the day, first. This way, there are less people waiting for a response from me. The longer, more time consuming items I leave for the end of the day. Of course, any urgent paperwork always takes priority.