Monday, February 27, 2012

My Hair Is Breaking Off..ARGH!

I have noticed over the last several years that my hair is thinning. I am thankful that I don't have any actual bald spots or that the top is actually so thin that I can see the scalp, but I have definitely seen a huge amount of breakage. I have two conditions that can effect the health of my hair and even though both are mostly controlled, I still keep scooping the hair out of my drain. Hypothyroidism is one of the main reasons that I think that it's happening. I have my TSH almost running too fast but still am tired and still cold intolerant. I take Armour Thyroid because I feel better on it than I did on Synthroid. I also am a little low in B12. If I can remember, I have my office nurse give me a shot weekly because the orals don't seem to work well for me.

 I know that there are some OTC hair regrowth meds but I haven't tried any yet,  but am seriously considering it. I have tried Nexus Pro Mend shampoo and though it makes my hair soft and shiny, the ends don't get any less split due to the incessant breakage. The only chemical processing that I do is color because I just can't let my hair so salt and pepper at 44. I also stopped putting my hair up so that it would stop pulling on my scalp.

Anyone out there have any real solutions? I have a few patients that send to Canada for some of their meds so if there is something prescriptive that works that your insurance won't cover check there and let me know what they might be! I am so aggravated that I will consider all suggestions.

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  1. Anonymous11:03 PM


    A lot of my family members are facing this issue. Coming from a South Asian Indian background, I have heard of many Ayurvedic treatments and specific hair oils that have done wonders for them in scalp hair regrowth. Not too familiar with the ayurvedic eastern medicine practices myself (slowly getting there), but if you can get a hold of someone or something that does practice this kind of medicine, you might be able to tackle this problem in a unique kind of way. If you do find a solution, don't forget to post another blog entry about it! =)

  2. I also read some articles regarding Ayurvedic treatments and need to do some more research. Even if you don't grow more hair, at least it will smell great!

  3. Have a patient with a similar problem. Wish I knew how to help her.

  4. Talking about hair makes me look in the mirror, eh. My mom and dad are 50+ already yet they have still thick black hair. Amazing right? My mom told me that her secret are herbal remedies like the coconut oil, aloe vera and lemon. There are also leaves of plants that I can't even memories their names. :)

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    Peny@Reasons Why Nurses Should Limit their Coffee Intake

  5. I din't know that hypothyroidism can cause hair loss. Good piece of information though on how we can take care of our hair.