Friday, September 09, 2011

EHR is Here!

I just started our new EHR and thought that it would be a breeze.'s not as easy as it looks. There are too many choices for some things and not enough for others. The patients are not happy about my reduced schedule these last two weeks but I have needed the time to slow down anyway.
 I have yet to figure out how to see 25 patients a day and still have time to teach them anything. I know it's all about the overhead but it's all about the tracking data that is expected too. You can't have both and get it all right. I am trying really hard to be everything to everyone but it is getting a little tiresome.

There's a little nag in the back of my head that so wants to have my own office. I think about Barbara Phillips in Washington States with her independent practice and drool. Yet again, there is a big problem in the state of Florida. I cannot sign controls and I cannot sign home health orders. Those are the biggest aggravations I have.

The money that it would take to open my own practice would take me a long time to accrue. I also don't have to pay for my own malpractice. I get paid decently so I can't complain there. I do so hate having a boss. One day, I will be able to do what I want, when I want. It's a goal in life that I look forward to. Unfortunately, I think retirement will come first!


  1. I'm a EHR geek. Do you like anything about the one you are using?
    Do you think it has benefits for your patients?

  2. I do like that the coding is higher with the amount of things that I am actually clicking on. A few times that I was audited I was told that if I had only put down one more thing that it would have been correct. They don't teach coding very well in NP school.

  3. Nerdy, I also like the ability to set protocols so that I won't forget what is due on their testings.