Friday, March 11, 2011

Mingling With The Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll and State Representative Elizabeth Porter

I was happy to be a part of the Republican Lincoln/Reagan fundraising dinner this evening. I made sure to take advantage of my husband's connections as the exclusive photographer to say hello to her and other political representatives of the State. One person that I made a real effort to speak to was State Representative Elizabeth Porter.
I spoke with her in detail regarding Nurse Practitioner concerns regarding the current problems with prescription authority and that Florida really needed to join the ranks on the other states that already give us the authority to fully treat our patients with the appropriate medications. I really hope that the politicians are listening to our concerns. Their voters depend on our medical care.


  1. Way to go. We need to keep pressure on our leaders to see the big picture. By allowing ARNPs to do their job then we all win. The state saves money and patients get can the care they need.

  2. Amen, sister!

    We gotta get out there where the pols and talk to them, not just be a notation on paper.

    My state was trying to criminalize people using the title "doctor" who are not MDs or dentists, as well as allow doctors to state whether nurses are practicing within their scope. Hello? I can't say that about an MD, so I don't want them telling me how to be an RN, either!

    It took a lot of letter writing, but the committee has changed its bill in the Legislature.

    Keep at it!

  3. Nice! Great job! Now if more NP did the same thing, we need to spread the word!

  4. Good luck!!

    Ontario is currently changing the NP scope of practice (as with the scope of practice of other health professionals). Fingers crossed something good comes out of it!