Monday, January 31, 2011

It’s time to collaborate—not compete—with NPs — The Journal of Family Practice

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Finally, a physician with some common sense! My patients still ask me every day why I can't write their meds and I tell them about the battles between the insurance companies and our congress/senate and the docs. They are all trying to restrict our practice here in the state of Florida and in Alabama. People need to understand that every state that has passed the ruling for prescriptive authority has NEVER been rescinded.

"According to Dr. Jeff Susman, "It is time—time to abandon our damagingly divisive, politically Pyrrhic, and ultimately unsustainable struggle with advanced practice nurses (APNs). I urge my fellow family physicians to accept—actually, to embrace—a full partnership with APNs.
Why do I call for such a fundamental change in policy? First, because it’s the reality.
In 16 states, nurse practitioners already practice independently. And in many more states, there is a clear indication that both the public and politicians favor further erosion of barriers to independent nursing practice."

Enjoy the article and be sure to chime back in here!

It’s time to collaborate—not compete—with NPs — The Journal of Family Practice


  1. This guy should get an award. Awesome. We had this on almost a month ago with a number of NPs and PAs commenting.
    I emailed him and thanked him and so should all who agree. Just Google
    the Journal for his email address.
    Great stand.
    Dave Mittman, PA

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