Friday, April 09, 2010

How Do You Work With A Collaborating MD Who Thinks You Are Going To Steal His/Her Patients?

I was visiting Barbara Phillip's Facebook site and noticed a question that was presented regarding collaborating MD and NP's working together and the concern about stealing their patients. This is a valid concern when one has already established a practice and needs someone to take the edge off due to a volume of new patients. In fact, this is the exact scenario that is occurring in the office I work at now. The following reply is what I said on Barb's facebook.

I think that you cannot steal a patient who is totally satisfied with their care. I have a new MD coming into the office in a few weeks and my patients are concerned that they will be made to see him instead of me which is not true. He gets the new patients and I keep mine. I see my other collaborating MD's patients if he is not available and he does the same for me. A few have switched from his side to me and vice versa but not enough to concern me. If I saw a a drastic move over, I would have to seriously evaluate my practice technique. We use anonymous surveys at the office in order to ascertain patient satisfaction good or bad.

What do you think about "stealing patients"? Do you think that it's really effecting MDs who hire NPs?

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