Friday, March 12, 2010

Controlled Substance For ARNPs In Florida Once Again Up For Vote

S188 GENERAL BILL by Bennett (Similar H 0677)
Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners [SPSC]; Redefines the term
"practitioner" for purposes of the Florida Comprehensive Drug Abuse
Prevention and Control Act to include advanced registered nurse
practitioners. EFFECTIVE DATE: Upon becoming law.
10/05/09 SENATE Filed
12/09/09 SENATE Referred to Health Regulation; Criminal Justice
03/02/10 SENATE Introduced, referred to Health Regulation; Criminal Justice
-SJ 00022

Once again, the Florida Senate is voting on whether or not Nurse Practitioners can have prescriptive authority for controlled substances. I'm not sure what it means to be referred to Health Regulation; Criminal Justice but I hope that it gets passed this year.

One of the things that slows down my practice is the fact that I must call in prescriptions needed for my patients under my collaborating MD. Because he only works one day a week, it makes his job a bit harder because he has to sit and review my charts that I have called in over the week prior. Most of the patients he is familiar with so it's a nuisance but he has to review all of the documentation such as MRIs and such too besides trying to see his own patients. Through working with me he knows that I screen very well against drug seekers and actually am tighter about giving narcotics than he is.

I sometimes forget to call in the scripts because I am so busy moving onto other patients and the office nurse has to backtrack for me and call the patient to let them know that it was done. I also have to stay late on Fridays to make sure that everyone is covered so that I don't get calls over the weekend for narcs and not having their chart at home.

Anyone know anything more about the bill's status, keep us updated!

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