Monday, February 22, 2010

My Husband Won First Place!

Hello to all! Sometimes I just have to go off topic and talk about family things. For those of you who will comment just to complain, tough. For those of you who read blogs for a well rounded topic list, here goes!

My husband is a photojournalist and works freelance for our local newspaper. He has entered some of his photography into two juried shows and won first place overall recently for a picture of one of my son's friends in Chicago on a train. We were up there celebrating their graduation from Navy basic training when my husband noticed that he had nodded off to sleep. It was the first day trip the guys had since they started training. Since my husband is a huge supporter of the military and a big history buff, he put the picture into black and white in order to give it a more WWII look.

The judge of the show told him that she was very touched by the photo and wished that others who entered their art realized that it was not all about how pretty or big an entry was but rather how it touched people's souls and made them think. The name of the entry is "Home".

I am so proud of my husband and look forward to many more years of his pictures. Feel free to leave a comment unless you are a spammer of course! Those get kind of boring to go through and reject. It's really just a waste of time you know.... Hint hint hint!! Stop typing the spam comments now please. Sigh... I knew it wouldn't work.