Friday, October 02, 2009

The Flu Is Here

God, I'm tired. The flu has arrived during the last two weeks and several of my patients are sick. I started swabbing for the flu and am getting several negatives for either A or B. I am calling it the mystery flu. It has the exact same symptoms of both variants but is not testing positive on either test strip. Anyone else seeing this in their offices?

Symptoms reported so far:
First noticed is a scratchy, sore throat
Stuffy head with severe headache
Fever (variable level from low grade to almost 104)
Body aches (pretty severe)
Some are reporting nausea with or without diarrhea

These symptoms pretty much are the same for any type of flu. The only difference I have seen is that the A variant seems to be a little more toxic looking in the children.

I saw 31 patients on Monday. How's your week going?