Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How Not To Have A Good Day According To A Nurse Practitioner

This was not my idea of having a good day this morning. I was on my way to work when a woman pulled out in front of me. I have a suspected navicular fracture in my dominant right wrist and my neck and right upper shin hurts. I got off easier than some because my car is (was, argh!) very heavy and has airbags. They both deployed. I was also wearing my ever trusty seat belt.

My husband and kids were pretty upset by the whole process. I felt kind of embarrassed because I was crying on scene because I was so stressed and worried that the other driver was hurt. She drove her car into the parking lot so I guess she was okay. It's typical that health care providers tend to worry about everyone but themselves.

My patients are going to freak out until I return to work. They don't like it when I'm out of the office. I'm sure that whoever covers for me will do just fine for a few days while I recuperate. The great thing is that my fingers still work and aren't cut off or mangled and I can get caught up on my blog buddies. My hubby did me the service of typing for me so that I could update everyone. Can't wait until things are back to normal so that I don't have to dictate stuff. My hubby hates when I "dictate things to him".

Get ready 'cause here I come!