Saturday, May 09, 2009

Nurse Practitioner Finds The Best Cake I've Ever Tasted!

The doctor that I work with at the office gave me an Amish Friendship cake starter. I figured if I didn't screw it up, I'd see how it went! OH MY GOD! I made my first cake today and it tasted like heaven! Anyone else ever tried one? It tastes like a spice cake and also like a cinnamon bun.

This is not good! I'm trying to lose weight and don't see any way of becoming tired of this cake!

I'm sitting here with the new laptop and loving it! It's a Toshiba and the keyboard is really smooth. I will be getting caught on some chart work this weekend after I get back from tomorrow's visit with my oldest son and his wife. (who's pregnant with my second grandchild, a boy we think)

Sorry this isn't a nursing post, but I haven't been in the mood. Blogging is like that. Dry spells happen. Next week, I'll get cracking! Any suggestions for posts will be appreciated!