Thursday, March 05, 2009

Oh No You Didn't! Change Of Shift Is Up!

Welcome to The Nurse Practitioner's Place's first attempt at the Change of Shift!
Due to not having very many submissions this week, I went surfing for something to put on this edition. Thanks to those took the time to submit and without further ado, here's this week's entries.

I've heard of some smooth moves, but this is a great one!
Over at Mitch's Mom, here's a tale of what NOT to do to a laboring woman.

Ethics and Morals: Timeless and Universal?Image by stephenccwu via Flickr

Ethics in nursing is an important subject. Anyone offered to "help you out" during a test?
Disappearing John wonders what would you do if you are stuck in such an ethical quandry.

Are you wondering if the knowledge that you packed into your brain is just oozing away?
Pop over to New Nurse Insanity, Fundus Chop and find out how to remedy that problem.

The human brainImage via Wikipedia

A grumpy RN shows us once again that teamwork is alive and well in the hospital that he works in.

Are you a hypochondriac? Check out the nice list of tips to follow so that you can help yourself not to be so concerned about your health. Even if they used the term doctor
instead of health care provider (Sorry! It's one of my pet peeves!) That's a whole other topic!

Max E Nurse over at It Shouldn't Happen In Health Care says
"It’s flattering, but please don’t come and see me every time you sniff, just so you can flirt outrageously with me and then be happy when I say you don’t need any medication or advice you don’t already know, and just because I’m male and a nurse doesn’t mean I am gay…and even if I was…YOU wouldn’t be my type (real gay men don’t wear eye shadow and their mums perfume!!)!! If I was gay I’d be a lesbian!!"

Oh no he didn't!!!! Too funny!

Over at Nurse Ratched's new digs, she's talking about some doctors are asking patients to agree to what amounts to a gag order that bars them from posting negative comments online.

Ever been standing in front of your copy machine and thought "Oh no! Did I just send this to the right number?" Candy Goulette gives us advice about it here.

Older Sorry! board game, showing the now-remov...Image via Wikipedia

Alvaro Fernandez presents Centre for Brain Fitness at Baycrest: Interview with Dr. William Reichman posted at SharpBrains: Your Window into the Brain Fitness Revolution.

Chris presents Medical Tourism - 5 Reasons to consider Goa posted at nomad4ever.

Cory presents Exercising in a Recession posted at Eating Healthy.

Ashley presents Quick Home Meal Ideas posted at Frugal Girl Blog.

So ends this week's edition. I hope to host sometime when I'm in a better frame of mind. Please excuse.... Till then, get writing and submit something to the next carnival and make it easier on the next host.