Saturday, February 14, 2009

Notes From The Florida Senate Interim Report On ARNP Narcotic Prescribing Authority

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The following excerpt is from The Florida Senate Interim Report on ARNPs and Narcotic Prescription Authority.

Proponents of giving ARNPs the authority to prescribe controlled substances argue that such authority will increase access to needed health care services in areas of the state where there are underserved populations and shortages of physicians; increase convenience for patients and physicians; and improve the quality of patient care. The proponents argue that ARNPs have the education to safely and effectively prescribe controlled substances and that the evidence from the 47 states where advanced practice nurses currently prescribe controlled substances supports this claim. Opponents of giving ARNPs the authority to prescribe controlled substances argue that ARNPs do not have adequate training to make the appropriate diagnosis and suggest proper treatment options relative to controlled substances. They argue that increasing the number of persons prescribing controlled substances will lead to further opportunities for abuse of prescription drugs and diversion of prescription drugs from legal distribution systems. Opponents also assert that there is no indication that patients who need controlled substances have problems getting these drugs.

I think that Florida needs to finally get on board with the rest of the country and realize that ARNPs are not irresponsible prescribers. There will be a few that will get into trouble, but there are doctors who get in trouble in the same capacity.

Click here to read the rest of the paper.
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