Friday, February 20, 2009

crazy miracle called * life *: Change of Shift - Valentines Edition! 3.17

Change of Shift is up at Crazy Miracle Called Life and it's a great compilation. I did notice that there weren't as many entries as before and part of that fault is mine because I haven't submitted any entries myself lately. BAD GIRL!!!!

Change of Shift is a compilation of all things nursing and will be hosted here on March 5th. With that said, please make sure that you get your entries in early so I can get working at it! You can email me entries at

The theme will be... "Oh no you didn't!" Tell us some of your more memorable times. It can be a funny tale of things gone haywire or a terrible tale of something that has happened between a co-worker, doctor, NP, or patient etc that just burned your toast! Of course, remember to abide by privacy and change the details!

Till then, I look forward to all of the great entries!

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