Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Nurse Practitioner's Place's New Year Resolutions

For this Change Of Shift, New Year's Resolutions is the theme so I decided to sit down and think of the ones that I needed to work on.

1. Be a better listener to my husband. Sometimes I don't pay enough attention when he talks because I am thinking about other things. We all do it. But it's not nice. I also tend to hear Charlie Brown's teacher when he starts talking all things Sports which I could really care less about. It's only fair to be more interested in what he's talking about because he has absorbed enough "medical crap" to have his own degree.

2. Call my family more often. Good lord! It's not that hard to pick up the phone and say hello. I have all of those free minutes in the evening and on weekends. I am the "Big Sis" after all.

3. Attract More Readers. I have had a poll up for a few weeks and you all want more NP interviews. The first has been done as am working on posting it!

4. Less computer usage when the family needs "mommy time". We are all bad about this. Blogging tends to take up way too much time but it's kind of addicting!

5. Learn to play one of my son's favorite video games. If I can save people's lives, I CAN learn to play video games with button controls. Even if I hate them!

6. Try to become more organized. My desk at work and my house in general is in utter chaos. It's the sign of genius but it drives my husband and nurse nuts! I know where everything is, I swear!

7. Pick up after myself more. A little expansion on number 6. My husband is a freaking saint! He always picks up after my whirlwind of clutter and hasn't had an aneurysm yet. I think he's really close though.

8. I will lose more weight. After I finish eating all of the goodies lying around the house in result of the holidays. The kids are doing a great job but there are still a few things tempting me. I have lost about 8 pounds already but am ready to lose more. I will try to walk more during my lunch break instead of doing paperwork.

9. Finish paperwork during the visit so I don't have to bring in home. I try to listen to my patients instead of writing but I am finding that I have to bring charts home to finish "the bits" of. It's getting annoying to my family. "Don't you ever get done with paperwork?" No, but I can control the amount a little better. Some day we will have electronic charting.... Some day...

10. I will be proactive when I have my yearly review. I am doing a great job at work and my patients really like me. I will be more verbal during the review process and push for more pay. I really need to pay off these stupid student loans. The principal isn't even being scratched. I will try to avoid talking about them on the blog though. I think my readers are tired of hearing about it. You know how to help out though and thanks to those who do each time you come to the site. I do the same in return.

11. I will take more pictures for pleasure.
I got a new camera for Christmas and I will use it more often instead of sitting on the couch. This will help me in my endeavor to lose weight.

12. I will learn some new stitches for my crocheting projects. I only know a few but have found a great site on You tube for tutorials.

13. I will read more journals. I have gotten lazy about reading nursing and medical journals. I need to catch up!

14. I will visit the blogs who link to me more often. Hey! I will even leave a real comment too.

I could keep writing but I need to wrap this up and send it to Emily before it's too late.

15. Oh yeah! I will stop procrastinating! Enough said there!

Hope your New Year is a safe, healthy, and prosperous one!