Monday, November 24, 2008

What Do Nurses Think Of Nurse Practitioners?

I found this phrase on several hits to my site so I thought that I would write a post about it. As a floor nurse, I envied NPs for their ability to make health care decisions for their own patients. I aspired to be a NP one day and after completing 7 years of schooling did almost two years ago.

It seems like yesterday that my regular readers had to hear my woes of working full time on a Med/Surg floor and as a part time Charge Nurse while completing my clinical rotations and my thesis. Thank God that thing is over!

I know what my patients think about NPs (they love us!) but what do the floor nurses think of us? I was surprised to find the amount of animosity of some of my fellow co-workers when they figured out that I was "going on ahead of them" and that I needed to remember "where I came from". Believe me, it's hard to forget the backbreaking hard work that a floor nurse has on a daily basis taking care of patients, families, and the doctors needs. All the while, maintaining that wonderful personality even if you don't feel up to it.

I may not be there anymore, but I applaud those that do that work every day!